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Colored Pipe Insulation Tape by Pipe Warmers - For Exterior or Interior Use - Keep pipes warm and helps prevent frozen pipes. Self-Adhering – 2” by 11 Feet roll

  • BLENDS WITH LANDSCAPE - Choose from Army Green or Dusty Sand to help camouflage your pipe into the landscape
  • SUPPLEMENTAL R-Value - Provides maximum insulating power. However, for safe and additional R-Value - use in conjunction with a Pipe Warmer bag for exterior irrigation pipe covers.
  • EASY-TO-APPLY - Simply wrap the pipe with the self-adhering Tape, overlapping for extra R-value.
  • SUPER STICK - Super sticky adhesive makes for a weather proof adhesion
  • INSULATES - Prevent exterior and interior pipes from freezing in the winter. Works great in conjunction with a Pipe Warmer Pipe covering bag, to cover any exterior irrigation pipe.
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Product description

Pipe Warmers Exterior or Interior insulating pipe wrap tape comes in colors that enables you to camouflage your exterior pipe with the surrounding landscape. Choose from an Army Green or a Dusty Sand.

Pipe Warmers Colored insulation tape has an extra strong sticky adhesive so it wont unravel in extreme temperatures. For additional, and recommended, R-value, use a Pipe warmer bag over top your tape wrapped irrigation pipe. This way, come summer, you can remove the bag, and the pipe will nicely camouflage with the landscape.

Each roll is 2” by 11”