Winterizing Your Backflow Preventer

Winterizing Your Pipes

Winterizing your home’s irrigation system is something people often overlook but it’s extremely important. Not taking the time to winterize your backflow system can lead to breakage and failure which is a very expensive repair or replacement. Winterizing your irrigation system is much easies than you may think. Here a quick how to guide that covers the most common irrigation systems and backflow preventers.

Start by turning off the water to the irrigation system at main valve. Then set the automatic irrigation controller to the rain setting so it’s not active. Next turn on each valve to release pressure in the pipes. Drain all the water out of the irrigation pipes so this water does not freeze and expand your pipes. Next insulate your pipes with insulation foam or tape. Finally add an extra layer of protection by placing your PipeWarmers industrial grade insulation pouch for backflow preventer over your backflow preventer. Below is how to video that covers the most common backflow preventers.

Winterizing your backflow preventer on your sprinkler irrigation system